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Sunraysia's industry leaders in total quality land surveying solutions.

Complete licensed land surveying and subdivision solutions 

for projects big and small across VIC & NSW

Mildura Surveyors.png
Mildura Surveyors.png

Danson & Blaby Consulting Licensed Surveyors also known as Mildura Surveyors, have over 65 years of combined experience in fast, accurate land division and surveying services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Contact our friendly team for a quote and site appraisal today.


  • Over 65 years' industry experience

  • Licensed in New South Wales, Victoria & South Australia 


  • Robotic Total Station

  • Latest in GPS

  • Drone Surveying

  • Laser Scanning

Mildura Surveyors.png

How we can help with your project?

I need a boundary redetermined

I'm wanting to subdivide a rural or urban development

I need to submit a town planning or development determination application to Council

I have a complex surveying problem that requires registration with the government & statutory authorities

I want to explore your full range of services


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